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The way tree branches and roots reach, how water flows, the knitting of flesh, the dancing play of incense smoke and lapping flames of fire; these organic lines of energy repeatedly showing up are what fascinate and captivate Cobb Hoelzer. 


While the natural world is her main source of inspiration, Cobb's design decisions are informed by sacred geometry used in worship by ancient tantric and earth wisdom traditions. Her stories of movement and magic are presented with a sense of play and exploration merging vibrant colors and metallics with clean graphic linework.  


For mural commissions, Cobb works with her clients to discover the desired ambiance of a space. The result is an intentionally designed and transportive atmosphere. She favors spray paint for outside spaces while acrylics are used for her indoor walls and paintings. India ink or gauche are employed for smaller works on paper.


After graduating from Colgate University with a liberal arts concentration in studio arts and media studies, Cobb explored many creative avenues across the Americas. Living in Wyoming, Santa Barbara, upstate New York, Costa Rica, and finally Portland Oregon she has worked as a graphic designer, photographer, artist model, illustrator, jewelry designer, and vagabond surfer/bartender. Her meandering in the arts finally narrowed to painting as a direct result of her burgeoning yoga and meditation practice. Cobb continues to live, work, and play in Portland by the good graces of an incredibly supportive family and community.