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It’s fundamental to our humanity, yet in our daily lives this is easily forgotten. Sometimes we need help remembering we are human BEINGS rather than human DOINGS. Sinking your hands into clay or simply exploring how paint moves across paper reminds us that inherent joy is available to us if we can tune in to the moment during those simple acts of making. I mean, it’s just fun. Especially when we gather together to play. That’s why I host creative gatherings called PLAYshops (rather than workshops, because we don’t need any more damn work in our lives).


When structure of space, supplies, and a framework for creation are provided, you have freedom to explore your unique making process.  Plus, you come away with some beautiful evidence of your play, whether it’s a handmade ceramic platter/vessel, painting, sun print… or some dirty hands and a lighter heart.

COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time I am not able to host in person playshops. Please join my email list for updates! Believe me - I cannot wait until we can be together again! Stay safe out there.


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