Release your inner witch/wizard !

This lil cauldron is the way to burn loose smudge, copal or moxa and safely carry around your space with the handle to dipserse herbal smoke... or for spell casting rituals! Bonus: the raw clay handle can be used to light "strike anywhere matches".


Glaze is an earthy red satin glaze with charcoal colored flecks.


All Cobb Hoelzer Clayworks wares are handmade in Portland, Oregon in small batches, as such each piece will have slight variations in form and finish. Due to the nature of the hand building process, pieces are intentionally "imperfect" and not perfectly symmetrical. The hand painted glazing technique lends to variations in glaze application with visible brush strokes. This is part of the charm and aesthetic of handmade pottery.

cauldron in speckled sienna

  • A small bowl like shape with 3 feet and a handle for burning coned incense or loose herbs & smudge wands. Interior & exterior of vessel is completely glazed. Majority of handle and feet are raw speckled buff clay body. 

    4.5" diameter , 7" tall. Food, oven, dishwasher safe.