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a 10-12 oz travel mug with a white silicone lid + coffee pour over cone both in a smooth satin black with glossy black flecks peppered throughout.


All Cobb Hoelzer Clayworks wares are handmade in Portland, Oregon in small batches, as such each piece will have slight variations in form and finish. Due to the nature of the hand building process, pieces are intentionally "imperfect" and not perfectly symmetrical. The hand painted glazing technique lends to variations in glaze application with visible brush strokes. This is part of the charm and aesthetic of handmade pottery.

ambler mug + pour over cone set in black satin

  • The caffeine dream team!  Matching pour over cone sits right atop the ambler mug for brewing. Pop the silcone lid on the mug and venture forth with your day!


    Elevate your morning caffeine ritual with this pour over coffee cone. Set the cone over the mug, pop in a #4 filter and fresh ground beans, pour in hot water and enjoy a hot cup of cafe in a minute!

    Raw speckled buff clay on bottom, satin finish glaze dipped on upper & inner surface. An overlapping seam meets in a graceful line visible on both interior and exterior of the vessel.


    Take your coffee/tea out for an amble in this quirky slab style mug. An overlapping seam meets in a graceful diagonal line visable on both interior and exterior of the vessel. The ambler mug comes with 1 white silicone lid that fits around the lip of the mug.

    Great for coffee and tea but any drink works! You can even fit a straw through the silicone lids opening if the fancy strikes.

    Raw speckled buff clay on bottom, glaze on interior and upper part of outer surface.

    Each mug holds approximately 10-12 oz & is 5.5" tall, 2.5" circumference at base, 3.5" circumference across top.

    The stoneware clay and non-toxic & lead free glazes are food, oven, dishwasher safe; although hand washing is recommended for more delicate wares.

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